SO-21 Craiglevan Avenue, Glasgow

Cumbernauld, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Offering Description

CAPITAL AT RISK. For further information please see our Risk Statement.


Sourced are pleased to soon be offering this 12-month loan opportunity for the purchase and development of a project situated in Cumbernauld, Glasgow.

The project has the benefit of full planning permission for the development of a fire damaged property, creating an improved and substantial family home to a high quality finish.

Management Team

Angus Gunn

Angus Gunn

The Borrower

Angus Gunn is the director and shareholder of AEG Veritas Cumbernauld Ltd, who will be the ultimate borrower. This entity is an SPV and has been incorporated for the sole purpose of this project.

Angus was the first Sourced franchisee and network member located in Scotland, having joined in January 2018.

Angus has a wealth of project/programme management experience which he has recently leveraged to complete a successful property conversion on a similar scale.

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

The Contractor

The Borrower is currently in discussions with a number of potential Contractors having put the project out to tender.

Sourced HQ

Sourced HQ

The Support Network

Sourced HQ is the name affectionately given to the Sourced head office team.

Sourced HQ is a complete and essential resource hub, with the team being responsible for training and supporting Sourced franchisees and network members, who can call upon a cumulative experience of over thirty years in the property industry undertaking all things including: property sourcing, property developing, property sales and lettings, and property funding.

Jark Security Trustee Limited

Jark Security Trustee Limited

The Security Trustee

All loans offered on the Sourced platform are secured against UK property, more often than not, against the underlying property that forms part of the transaction.

Security is registered in the name of the Security Trustee, Jark Security Trustee Limited, and is managed on behalf of the Investors in accordance with the Security Trust Deed as referenced in our Lender's T&C's.

Security address: To be confirmed

Title Number: To be confirmed

Tenure: Freehold

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