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What is Peer 2 peer lending?

Sourced have created a simple and easy to digest video to explain what peer 2 peer lending is and how as an investor you can generate fantastic returns from development and investment opportunities.

Lending Explained

P2P lending is the process of lending money to "peers", without going through a traditional financial channel such as a bank. 

Compelling cost savings can be achieved by removing the middleman (e.g. brokers). This benefits the investors, who are able to receive higher rates on their money (instead of keeping it in a bank), and the borrowers, who are able to raise finance quicker and cheaper than using traditional lenders.

This diagram gives an overview of how Sourced P2P lending works:

  • Investors lend money to eligible borrowers
  • Borrowers repay this money with interest after an agreed term

Sourced charge borrowers to cover the platform cost, including:

  • Paying an arrangement fee
  • An interest servicing payment


Security Explained

The secured loan investments on the platform allow you to lend directly to carefully vetted and experienced borrowers.


All loans are fully secured against the underlying property asset, with full details of the loan to value and security shared with you before you invest. We take risk management very seriously and our lending team has decades of experience.


All of our property backed investments are for a fixed term, typically 6 to 18 months, at which point the loan is repaid.


Loans on the platform typically pay interest rates of 6-12% depending on the loan and security in place. This is designed to ensure that investors receive a fair return for their investment based on the risk profile of the loan and the borrower.

Risks of P2P Lending

As with any other investment activity, Peer-to-Peer lending carries risk. It important that you understand the risks involved and are comfortable with them before you make any investment decisions. Some of the risks include:

  • The loss of your capital investment and interest owing on the amount you have invested, should the borrower of your money default;

  • The underlying asset that your money is secured against may reduce in value meaning there is a real risk that you may not receive your full investment back;

  • The returns you expect are not guaranteed and are subject to borrower performance;

  • Platform risk. Whilst we as a platform seek to run a well governed and responsible business, we too are a business and susceptible to various market and financial risks. If we as a business fail there is a risk to the administration of your repayments and management of funds. To mitigate this risk, we have put in place an ‘Orderly Wind Down Plan’ to ensure that the platform will continue to distribute repayments and mange your money as expected. All funds are kept in a segregated client account with our Principal which are separated from our own and their business accounts; and

  • Your funds are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Please see our Risk Statement for further details.

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